The list that started it all

Despite having been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, the last few years have been relatively book-free for me (unless you count textbooks which rarely make it on to anyone’s “must-read” list). This is mostly because I simply didn’t have time while I was at university and whenever I did try reading something that wasn’t a textbook, I always felt guilty and usually gave up after a few pages. Which is probably why I find the time on the tube so precious, it’s a guilt-free hour where I can’t be doing any work so I can indulge my first great passion.

I moved to London determined to read some great classics with this free time but this is the post that really got me going:

For the non-Facebookites amongst you the list can be found in its original setting here:

Now I am a big fan of lists. Give me a challenge in list form and I will do my danmndest to complete it. (I was once given a birthday card with the London tube lines listed and the challenge to tick them all off before my next birthday. I had to take a day off work to do so but you can be sure that I ticked all those little boxes within six months.)

So taking this list as my guide I set off into the world of classic fiction, hunting through charity shops and the bargain book shops of Euston Road (£2 for any book!!) to sniff out a deal.

I started well but I have to say that recently I’ve been drawn to the new fiction and have let myself get a little bit off-list but as long as I’m reading, I’m happy! (As long as I’m not reading Jane Austen that is but more about her later.)


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