2012 in books

Unknown Sender - the cast

Unknown Sender – the cast

I got this idea from What Jane Read Next and I thought I’d give it a go. Basically you use the names of books you’ve read over the past year to create a story. So here’s my story, it was actually a lot easier than I expected, perhaps my choice of books this year have had a story to tell for themselves…

Unknown Sender

The other morning I woke with a start and looking out of my window I could tell that I had slept too late. It took me a good deal of Persuasion to get out of bed but I had errands to run so I forced myself to get up and leave the house.

My first stop was The Old Curiosity Shop which unfortunately wasn’t Too Close To Home. After a trek across town on the tube I emerged into the grey light in a crowd of something like 253 Christmas shoppers. I pushed through the crowd and eventually came to my destination.

The shop had no sign but a window full of Jigs and Reels which is how I knew I’d come to the right place. A bell rang as I pushed open the door and I felt a shudder run down my spine as if I could feel some kind of Malicious Intent in the air.

There was a rustling from the back of the shop which alerted me to the presence of the old man who presided over the collection of oddities.

“I know what you’re looking for” he wheezed “I have an Affinity for all my customers. It’s over there.” A trembling hand pointed to a region of the shop I had not yet noticed.

Across the cluttered room I could see a spotlight illuminating something I couldn’t quite make out. I made my way across and there, on The Stand in the centre of the pool of light, was The Sealed Letter I had come to collect.

“Thank you,” I whispered. “I am the Messenger.

The old man nodded and glanced down at the aged tabby winding between his legs. “Peaches for Monsieur le Curé?” he asked the feline who purred in response. “Ah yes, but ‘tis A Morbid Taste for Bones you have in your heart.” He whispered as he vanished into the back room.

The was my cue to leave so stuffing the envelope into my pocket I hurried out of the shop and back into the cold air. The letter bore no address other than the simple direction: To The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, but how I was to find her I did not know.

Trusting that all would be revealed in time I headed off down the crowded street with no general direction in mind.

In fact if it hadn’t been for The Accident I would never have found her. One moment I was walking along the road with a head full of questions and then there was a Flash and Bones littered the street. Stifling a cry I glanced around me and disappearing down a side street I caught a glimpse of a white skirt. Being the only thing approaching a lead that I had I seize my chance and gave chase leaving the scene of carnage behind me.

On entering the alley I saw at the far end the site I had been hoping for. The Woman in White had stopped at the other end and was clearly waiting for me to approach her.

“Hello,” I began. “Is it me you’re looking for?”

“I think it’s who is looking for me.” She replied, a sickly smile playing across her lips. “My name is Rebecca and I have what it is you seek.” Without breaking our eye contact she reached into the bag at her side and held out a file to me.

I reached out my hand and took it from her, looking down I saw the title across the front of the folder spelled out ‘The Princess Diaries in a spidery hand. When I looked back up to thank her, she was gone, leaving me alone with my prize.


2 responses to “2012 in books

  1. Great story! It was a challenge wasn’t it?

    • I’m glad you liked it! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I’ve read a lot of books with female title characters which shaped part of it very nicely although some of them were harder to fit in – Flash and Bones had me scratching my head for a while!

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