Give the gift of (literary) adventure

National Book TokensStuck for present ideas? Give a book! Or failing that (maybe even better depending how well you know your recipient’s literary tastes) give a book token!


It was my birthday on Monday and when I got home last night there was a card from my aunt waiting on the doormat. Inside was an amazing idea – a National Book Token. This is a prepaid voucher like any other giftcard but with one major difference – these tokens can be used in almost any book retailer. So instead of having to confine myself to Waterstone’s expensive shelves or WHSmith’s with its distracting stationery offers I can go anywhere.

When I get money or vouchers I like to spread it as far as possible and get the maximum number of items for my dollar so this is perfect. I can go to Skoob or other secondhand bookshops where you can pick up three or four books for the price of one in a Waterstones.

A brief search on the website revealed 118 stockists near me (OK I live in London so the figure might be slightly lower elsewhere) so I’m probably going to go on an adventure and find somewhere new to take my tokens which makes it even more exciting – I can’t wait to spend it! In this day and age with major chain retailers going out of business every other day, the small, independent retailers need all the help they can get and this is a perfect way to convince people to search them out and give them a helping hand.

So if you’re stuck for a gift idea this year and you don’t know what book would be most appreciated (or want something lighter to post), give a National Book Token. It’s like giving a mini adventure.

PS. Thanks Gill 😉


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