Happy World Book Day

World Book Day!

Today is World Book Day, an international day aiming to encourage reading which is promoted by UNESCO.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of me in costume to share.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of me in costume to share.

I remember celebrating World Book Day when I was at school by dressing as literary characters and there was usually a Book Fair which filled our school hall with excitingly coloured metal chests of books where we could spend our book tokens. My favourite costume by the way was when I dressed as the Pelly from The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me by Roald Dah, a costume my mum laboured over for quite some time probably cursing the day she introduced me to that book. It was however a triumph of fancy dress and I suspect that most of the costume still lingers in a dusty corner of my bedroom.

But since I’m now a grown up and fancy dress is frowned on at work (not to mention the frivolous reading of fiction when there are serious scientific journals to be devoured), I’m wearing my regular clothes today so I’m celebrating WBD in a different way. I’m going to be keeping a running update of what I’ve read today so here goes (I’m not too far through any of the books I’m going to mention but there may be the occasional spoiler):

The Casual Vacancy7.30-7.50am: A Casual Vacancy, JK Rowling. Barry Fairbrother’s funeral concludes and Andrew Price ‘accidentally’ bumps into Gaia Bawden and is rewarded with the immortal phrase “Oh, hi”.

Katherine8.05-8.50am: Katherine, Anya Seton. Katherine attempts to forget her encounter with John, Duke of Lancaster and, accompanied by Hawise, returns to Lincolnshire to rejoin her husband, Sir Hugh and her sister Philippa where she learns that the Duke has awarded her a significant amount of land. Moving on to part three, we move to France where members of the Duke’s company discuss his impending marriage to the Infanta Constanza and he decides to send for  Katherine to make her serve as his new wife’s lady-in-waiting.

8.05-8.30am: Headlines in the Metro over someone’s shoulder (stopping when I change line).

9.00-9.20am: Subject lines of emails as I delete them, a message asking for information on my teaching duties and one telling me it’s not too late to register for a conference I’m going to. Facebook updates. BBC News including a story about WBD leading to this post.

9.30am: A protocol for work

All At Once9.50-9.55am: Lyrics to the album All At Once by The Airborne Toxic Event

10am onwards: Texts and ticket websites trying to organise an epic theatre weekend with a friend.

10.30am: Website about how to delete a “hidden” calendar in Microsoft Outlook (it didn’t work)

10.45am: Another protocol and a (work-related) catalogue

12.50pm: Lunch menu for today swiftly followed by:

1.00pm: Sandwich fillings at Waitrose. (I had a beetroot and feta salad in case anyone’s interested)

1.30pm: Machine readouts at work (it was not the result I wanted)

4.45pm: Postage costs for Royal Mail

Thanks to xrmx.com/wisdom for this chart.

Thanks to xrmx.com/wisdom for this chart.

5.15pm: Topic choices for my BSL (British Sign Language) exam. I chose “describe a building related to your daily routine”. Work. Obviously.

6.30pm: Back at work, last few emails before closing my computer (do I have suggestions for our seminar series? I do not.)

6.45pm: Who’s liked this post so far (thanks guys!)

7.10-7.20pm: The Evening Standard, I tend to find the stories too serious for an evening so I just glance at the headlines. I did read the article about the court wranglings of Sir Alan Sugar and Stella English though.

7.20-8.20pm: Katherine, Anya Seton. Summoned by the Duke, Katherine makes her way across a stormy sea to France where she is reunited with her injured husband, Sir Hugh, and must once again reject the advances of Sir John.

8.25pm: Cooking instructions for my chicken kiev. I may have cooked many of them before but I still always read the instructions.

8.30pm: The TV listings, there’s nothing on. I miss having Sky.

Well apart from more Facebooking and some browsing of other websites that is it for my reading day. Good night dear reader, and Happy World Book Day.


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