Why I really need a bookmark.


Disaster! And it could so easily have been averted if I’d just use a bookmark.

I’ve had bookmarks in the past; either purchased ones with cute characters or nice designs, or scraps of paper, old tickets, whatever I could find at the time. But the problem with bookmarks is how easy they are to lose. I read on the tube and it’s so easy to stand up and leave the bookmark behind or for it to drop out of the book when you’re not paying attention. And besides that being unable to put it down for fear of losing it means that it has to stay in the book and then gets in the way of page turning or holding the book.

I went through a phase of turning down corners to mark my place in a book but in the end it just felt too cruel to harm a book in that way. In a way I like it as when I reread the book I can judge if I’m reading at the same speed as I did last time but I always have a slight guilty feeling so I had to stop that.

So most recently I’ve been trying to memorise the page number in order to reopen the book at the same place when I come back to read some more. However since I tend to read two or three books simultaneously and often read sections of a book several times a day, the numbers keep getting jumbled in my head. I was trying to find patterns within the number to remember it that way (for instance: page 247 works as 2+4=6 and 7 comes after 6) but that was getting complicated as well. Except for one glorious day last week when I was on page 159 in both of the books I was reading.

So in reality I’ve just been scanning through the book in order to find a bit I’ve read and then inch my way towards the part where I stopped but this morning something terrible happened.

I was looking through, reading the occasional sentence to find my place when I read about how one character (let’s call him M) was missing another character (G). And then a page or two earlier where M realised that G was going to die. Disaster! I hate spoilers and now I’d spoilt the plot for myself and all because I don’t use a bookmark!

I could kick myself.

So now I’m having to cast around in my pockets and through my back for a receipt or something to stop this calamity happening again.

Consider yourself warned!

I think I'll get one of these...

I think I’ll get one of these…


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