30 Day Challenge: Day 17

17. A book you want to like but can’t get into.

I’m sad to say that rather than one book I’m going to choose an author for this post.

I just can’t get into Terry Pratchett‘s work.

I have tried, I read Truckers and Diggers when I was younger but I didn’t really get on with them. I do remember spending hours playing a video game based on the Discworld series and I loved some of the characters (particularly Death) but I’ve never been able to talk myself into reading the books.

Sorry, not for me.

Sorry, not for me.

I think my main problem is this: I don’t like funny books. I like funny TV programs, movies, people. I go to stand-up comedy and I’ve been told that I can be quite funny myself on occasion but when it come to reading funny stories I just have some kind of block. I like miserable, gritty books and I don’t know why. I have said that it’s because they make me feel better when life is getting me down but that doesn’t explain why I still can’t read funny books when I’m happy. It’s a mystery.

There are no fewer than 5 Pratchett books on The List so eventually I’m going to have to get round to them but I keep on putting them off. One of the reasons being that my mum is ever so found of his works and I have an absurd guilty feeling when I don’t enjoy them, like I’m letting her down or something equally as ridiculous!

Having said all that I did manage to read and enjoy The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so maybe there’s hope for me yet.


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