30 Day Challenge: Day 18

18. A book you think is highly overrated.

Today’s topic is a real head-scratcher. I mean sure I could fall back on my usual stance of “Jane Austen is a bit dull” but frankly I’m bored of that myself at the moment. Besides as I mentioned the other day, although I don’t like her storylines I can’t say that she was a bad writer so to call her overrated seems unfair.

DuneI also mentioned the other day that I think Twilight and 50 Shades are massively overrated and make me worry about the state of modern literature but I don’t want to repeat myself so soon.

So what to put? I honestly don’t know but since I have to choose I’m going to go for Dune by Frank Herbert a review of which you can find here.

Nebula Award logoThe reason I’m choosing Dune is that it is on The List (number 39) and has won several awards including the Hugo Award in 1966 and the Nebula award for best novel in 1965 and I can’t help but feel that there are better novels out there.

I found Dune too long and complex, it wanders around tying itself in knots and completely lost me on several occasions. There were many plotlines, some good, some not so bad and although on the whole the book is good, I just feel that it doesn’t quite live up to the praise heaped on it.

Hugo Award logoAlthough I also realise that I haven’t read any other sci-fi novels from the 1960s so I could be taking it all a bit out of context.

So I’m not saying don’t read it, I’m just saying that personally I would take all the lauding with a pinch of salt. Please feel free to correct me if you think I’m wrong.

That was really tough but tomorrow I get to tell you about a book I think is underrated which is guaranteed to be more fun!


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