30 Day Challenge: Day 24

24. Your favourite series

Well now, let me think… there was this series about a boy, and he had a mortal enemy who really didn’t want the boy to get through school and lots of people loved it and they made films and not as many people loved them and in the end…. well that would be telling. Can you guess what it is yet (oh dear referencing Rolf Harris makes me feel dirty, sorry about that)?

Yes, you’re right! It is of course –

Harry Potter!

Harry Potter!

by JK Rowling. But that’s a somewhat obvious choice isn’t it? And given my lamentable fail of a post yesterday I’m going to pick a few more.

5 books. Not 6.

5 books. Not 6.

2. Earth’s Children by Jean M. Auel. This series of 5 books (that’s 5 because we don’t talk about The Land of Painted Caves) is set around 30,000 years ago and follows a young girl, Ayla who loses her family in an earthquake and is taken in by a passing clan of Neanderthals. Growing up as a Homo sapiens among the Clan is difficult for Ayla as she can never quite account for the differences between her and her adopted family. Not to mention the dislike many of the Clan hold for her. But that’s only the first book! The successive publications saw Ayla set out in search of her own people and a place where she could truly belong.

It’s true that the later books became harder to read as the fascinating characters and customs of the people Ayla met gave way to endless descriptions of the flora and fauna of the last Ice Age but actually that could be interesting as well. I also didn’t much care for the romance between Ayla and Jondalar – one too many love triangles to keep me interested but overall this was an excellent series. Although I’m fascinated by ancient peoples so this may go some way to explaining my love of it.

An extensive series.

An extensive series.

3. The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne (and Todd) McCaffrey. I extolled the virtues of Anne McCaffrey in an earlier post and I was talking about Pern so I won’t go into too much detail here. Suffice to say that there was a period of my life when I very much wanted to go and live on Pern and find myself a fire lizard (I didn’t want a dragon, I had my fill of riding giant beasts when I fell of a horse at age 9) and be taken in by a Weyr or the Harperhold or somewhere exciting like that. The rural way of life seemed pretty appealing itself and all the people were just so nice. There are still several books in the series that I haven’t read including almost all of the later ones by Todd McCaffrey who began coauthoring books with his mother in 2003. So there’s still more of Pern to discover which I will get round to one day!

Hunger Games4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I was dubious about The Hunger Games at first but I got a copy of the first book and it was sitting on my desk when I picked it up to have a look at the first page one morning and it’s fair to say that I was late for work that morning. From the very first page I was absolutely gripped although I found it far too emotional to read on the tube and instead had to keep it in the privacy of my own bedroom where I could cry as much as I wanted (yes, I’m a crier, it can be deeply embarrassing sometimes as I’m very easily moved to tears). The later books weren’t so good and I found it a struggle to get through Mockingjay at times but overall I loved the word Collins created and although Katniss started to come across as a bit whiny in the third book, thinking about it she probably had every right to moan.

The Belgariad5. The Belgariad by David Eddings. So clearly I like my fantasy… I read The Belgariad years ago and its sequel The Mallorean both of which are 5-book series set in a fictional world full of wizardry, prophecy, epic quests and all-powerful Gods. I don’t remember the series well but I do remember that I enjoyed them so much that I refused to read the epilogue t the back of The Seeress of Kell as I didn’t want them to end.

So there you have it, a much more successful post than yesterday I’m sure you’ll agree!


6 responses to “30 Day Challenge: Day 24

  1. The Belgariad have catchy covers! Too bad I’ve never seen them in my country.

  2. Ha ha I loved the way you introduced Harry Potter! I love the series so much that I don’t talk about them much, just because I don’t really think there importance to me can be put into words. I absolutely loved The Hunger Games as well, it’s my latest book obsession. 🙂 Were you a fan of the last book? That one seems to split people a lot, lol.

    I love the look of the last series you’ve posted as well, I love fantasy but have never heard of them!

    • Did you guess it? I feel like everyone knows how amazing it is and it’s all been said before so there’s not much point in going over it all again, if people don’t know by now they never will!

      I’m about to start re-reading The Hunger Games because thinking about them for posts made me remember just how awesome they were. The last book was nowhere near as good as the first couple but I didn’t hate it, I think it was probably hard to avoid falling into certain cliches so she did quite well there. But Katniss did get a tad annoying! What did you think?

      I need to re-read The Belgariad as well because it’s so long since I read it but I absolutely loved it a few years ago.

      • Haha many a bookworms dilemma, choosing to reread or read one of the many other books in the world that may just be as awesome! 😛

        For the most part I loved Mockingjay although I can understand why a lot of others didn’t. All the things most readers have been routing for throughout the entire series become somewhat tainted and I think that annoyed a lot of people, but I loved it for that very reason because it was the perfect commentary on war. Katniss getting knocked out at the end really angered me though, and I recognise there were a few other issues with her writing that became more prominent in book three, but I was able to gloss over that because I was enjoying it so much. 🙂

      • Yes indeed! I like to have at least two books on the go at once so at least one of those can be rereading without having to worry about losing out 🙂
        I started the Hunger Games this morning and it’s just as good as I remember. I’m going to have to track down my friend and force her to give me Mockingjay back before I can read that though so there might be a slight delay there! You’re right, I’d forgotten about her getting knocked out! I hate when writers do that, it’s such a cop-out!! But actually I did let it slide a bit as well because I loved them that much.

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