30 Day Challenge: Day 27

27. Your favourite genre of book.

Genre? Urgh that’s like a dirty word to me. Can’t we just say I like these books but I don’t like those ones and have done with it? Hmph.

But since you ask I suppose that looking back over these posts the obvious answer is fantasy which is true in part. When I was younger I read a LOT of fantasy books. In fact almost exclusively which is why so many of them rank on my best-ever lists. But I don’t read nearly so much now. I had an epiphany reading the Wit’ch series by James Clemens in which I realised that almost all epic quest fantasy stories are incredibly similar. I could take most of the characters from that series and displace them with characters from the Belgariad and equally I could predict a large amount of what was going to happen.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped reading fantasy but I have limited my intake. And even when I was reading lots of fantasy I was picky. I don’t like sci-fi when it involves spaceships and aliens and inter-galactic war but I’m quite happy reading about other planets if it’s only incidental.

And then there’s the Earth’s Children series which my library categorises as fantasy but I would term historical so how can I pick a favourite genre if I’m not even sure what fits where?

Perhaps it would be more fair to say that my favourite genre today is thriller, especially given my new-found appreciation of Stephen King but even though I love reading those books, few of them make it onto my favourite lists so is that justified?

In reality my favourite TYPE of book is one where characters unfold throughout the story and some hidden secret slowly emerges. I don’t know how you would categorise that but it’s the kind of book Joanne Harris writes and since I have no qualms in admitting that she is my favourite author it only follows that her books are my favourites. I guess I’m more about character development than anything.

So there you go, if you can pick an answer out of that then please do but if not then maybe that’s the way I meant this post to end. Until tomorrow friends.


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