30 Day Challenge: Day 30

30. The book you are reading right now.

I’m going to have to amend that slightly: 30. The bookS you are reading right now.

That’s better, I never have only one book on the go at a time!

First, I have a “breakfast book”; something easy to read which will set me up for the day but which (hopefully) won’t be something I get so into that I end up late for work.

The Hunger GamesCurrently the book in this role is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Not that it’s light and airy but because I’ve read it before quite recently so I’m not drawn in by the “ooh what’s going to happen next” factor. I’m rereading it mainly because I watched the film a couple of weeks ago and it (and some of these posts) made me remember how good it was and made me want to read it again. So I am. Simples.

That’s the beauty of the breakfast book – it’s perfect for rereads. Previously it’s been used for rereading Harry Potter and after that breakfast was when I read The Casual Vacancy (that time because it was too heavy to carry around with me). An important requirement is that it has to be something I don’t need to read other day. I frequently get up too late for breakfast so there’ll be no reading on those days.

The Memoirs of Sherlock HolmesBut my main book of the moment is The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. This is my first foray into the world of Sherlock and I have to say I’m enjoying it immensely. The way he observes every detail about a person, situation or object is incredibly impressive and I love trying to figure out whodunnit before he explains. I’ve even got close once or twice.

But by far my favourite thing is the way they all speak and the language which is used throughout. It’s so incredibly proper and gentlemanly, I wish people still spoke like that today. Everything of note is “singular” or “particular” and often “peculiar” and the very style of the writing makes me long to be a part of the late 19th century. I find this happens quite frequently when I read books from this time but most especially with this one (see what I did there?).

In addition to these two I am also endeavouring to read a teach yourself Polish book before my trip there in a couple of weeks but I have to admit that I haven’t got very far with that one.

And that’s it! My 30 days are over 😦 It’s been quite a journey and I hope those of you who came along with me have enjoyed it as much as I have. And that perhaps I’ve managed to recommend some books that took your fancy (and maybe save you from some bad reads).

So to conclude, my thanks to Leah for introducing me to this challenge and if you want to see what other people make of it check out Flower Faerie and Xarglebook who have also taken it on.


4 responses to “30 Day Challenge: Day 30

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’m going to try a version of this in the summer, it’s going to be so difficult to post every day!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your challenge. Thanks for inspiring me to do it too. I love Sherlock Holmes for exactly the particular reasons you mention here.

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