I’m going on holiday tomorrow!!!!

Holiday!!For 10 whole days I’m going to be lapping up the sun, culture and food in Poland! I’m visiting for my friend’s wedding and I’m also going on a little tour of the country which is going to be Amazing!

But I will obviously be without internet so will be unable to keep up with you lovely people and unable to let you know what books I’m enjoying so here is a list of what I’m taking with me:

1. The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas. It’s big and heavy so I can’t possibly carry it around on the tube with me but sitting in a park in Poland could be the perfect place to tackle this beast.

2. The Secret History, Donna Tartt. I’ve been meaning to read this since I saw on GoodReads that Markus Zusak rates it (have I mentioned that he’s awesome yet today?) and when I spied a copy in Skoob then I couldn’t resist.

3. Teach Yourself Polish. Well you’ve got to try right? So far I’ve learnt to say tea (herbata) and introduce myself (jestem Kathy) but I think my pronunciation is far from perfect. My Polish friend (whose wedding it is) managed not to laugh but I think she found it hard.

4. Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins. Well maybe, I’ll see how much luggage allowance I have….

Tomorrow also marks the first time I’ve flown on my own. I resisted air travel until I was 21 so this a Big Deal and it could be very interesting for the person sat next to me.

A year into my PhD I had to fly to a meeting in Rotterdam and the person I was travelling with became slightly concerned when she realised that I stopped breathing during take-off. That’s my response to fear, try to outwit it by making yourself faint.



The last time I flew I was reading a book called The Running Man by Richard Bachmann (aka Stephen King) which (without giving away too much) culminates in a dramatic showdown on a plane with guns and everything. Not perfect reading material for a nervous flyer, I only hope I’ve chosen better this time…!


9 responses to “Holiday!!!

  1. I hope you have fun and good luck on the plane! I had my first flight last year and it was 8hrs long! It was definitely an experience, lol. I don’t know much about Poland so I will be interested to see what you thought. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad to hear it’s not just me who put it off for as long as possible, you really went for it though with such a long flight, very brave! I don’t know much either but I’m really looking forward to it!!

  2. I went on a backpacking holiday around Poland about two years ago, it was amazing! Make sure you check out all the historic stuff, especially in Warsaw, there’s an incredible museum! And make sure you sample dumplings – awesome and of course, white chocolate lion bars because they are the BOMB.

    • I’m so excited, my friend is getting married in Warsaw so I have less time to explore but she’s given us a list of things to see while we’re there. And she’s not stopped talking about dumplings since I booked my flights so that’s definitely going to happen!!

    • I went to the Uprising Museum in Warsaw, we walked all the way there in the pouring rain picking up a lost American on the way only to find out it was SHUT! So then we had to drag all the way back into the centre and hide out in a shopping centre to dry off. Dumplings were great although had a sad tendency to come with pork scratchings….

      • I just commented on your other blog about your holiday…. BUT I’LL COMMENT ON ALL THE THINGS! The uprising museum is amazing, I’m so bummed you didn’t get to see it! The whole of Warsaw was flattened after the war which is why they have old town and new town, really fascinating stuff! Its a shame about your dumplings though, I didn’t get pork scratchings with mine, though I did only eat the apple ones to be fair… We had a really weird meal in one of the milk bars (little polish cafe type place) when we were in warsaw that gave you your food on a bread plate that you could eat as well. That was pretty awesome. I was going to say I’m glad you enjoyed Auschwitz but I don’t think anyone really can enjoy walking around a concentration camp. The group I went with all had a little cry at the end and for me being a bit Jewish it was a really sobering experience for me. Your language pointers were funny! We found that more people spoke German than they did English, especially in places like wroclaw and krakow and I got to bash out some yiddish in the Jewish quarter when they had their market on, good for you for trying to learn the language a bit before you went, we only ended up mastering please, thank you and how are you!

      • Haha and now I have to reply to them all! We were really disappointed about the museum as well, we’d been saving it and went on the last day that we were there 😦 We did learn quite a lot about it though because we went on a couple of tours and to the Royal Palace which all said quite a bit about the Uprising and the aftermath of the war. I think it’s amazing how they rebuilt everything. I didn’t try the sweet dumplings but I tried a few other kinds and twice they came with pork scratchings! Another time they came with ‘gravy’ which was bacon in oil but actually tasted pretty good. The bread plate place sounds really cool, I passed a lot of ‘milk bars’ but was never quite sure what they were!
        The camp was a strange experience, I think it would have been better (if you can call it that) with a different guide but Birkennau was just so vast that even he couldn’t stop it impacting on you. I can imagine feeling even more connection if there was some Jewish in me but I guess there’s very few families who don’t have some sort of connection to WWII.
        I didn’t try German with anyone, it’s been far too long since I learnt any and I think all I can do now is tell people that I have a brother which probably wouldn’t help. One of my friends is Bulgarian though so she could pick up some of what was going on as a lot of the Eastern European languages are very similar so she came in handy 😉 I never got as far as how are you, the book was also in a random order so it was hard to pick up useful phrases like that!!

  3. Haha! Milk bars are pretty awesome, they’re also really cheap. I think our meal came to about five pounds for all three of us including drinks! I hope you visited some of their ice cream parlours! Polish ice cream parlours are amazing!

    • No, no ice cream either, it was too wet and horrible while we were in Warsaw and like I said I was on a very strict budget when I was in Krakow! I did have a good waffle though 🙂 Everything was really cheap though, it was funny, we kept being charger 30 or 40 zloty for something and having to remind ourselves that that was only £6 or £7!

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