“I love it whenever I read a book that mentions somewhere in London that I know” – interview with Books on the Tube

I’ve been a fan of the Books for London blog ever since I spotted a book swap trial they ran at my (then) local tube station. Basically the idea is that you can pick up a book for free on condition that you leave one behind for someone else to enjoy. The swaps are springing up all over the capital and I think it’s a fantastic idea. So I was incredibly flattered when I received a comment from Chris on my blog asking if I’d mind doing an interview about reading, the tube and blogging. Obviously I said yes straight away and you can read the interview here…

Books for London

BoU oicAlmost all of us like to read on the tube, and it’s great to talk to other people about what we’ve been reading (if they’ll let us!). In that spirit, we spoke to Kathy, the author of the Books on the Tube blog, who has been writing about her tube reading since May, 2012. Chris from Books for London talked to Kathy about her blog and why she started it – and got some interesting insights on how to enjoy your book if you can’t get a seat on the tube.

Books for London (BFL):Everyone reads on the tube – so what prompted you to start writing about it?

Books on the Tube (BOT): I’ve always been a very prolific reader, ever since the days of Biff, Chip and Kipper, but when I went to university the novels had to give way to textbooks and lecture notes. However…

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