A Monday Morning Dilemma

After some unanimous advice from you, my lovely readers, I decided to go back and get the next book in the series and see how it goes. So far it’s going great (I’ve ditched the one I started this morning) so it’s quite likely I’ll be back there again tomorrow! I did have a panic though as they weren’t in the fiction section where I found the first one last week but luckily they’d only been moved as far as the detective section 🙂

Books on the Tube

Yesterday I finished reading a very good book: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. It was the first in a series which I was unsure whether I’d enjoy. but it turns out I did enjoy it, it’s a supernatural detective series which is funny, a bit different and features some great characters. As well as being set in London so I know lots of the locations. My dilemma now is: do I buy the rest of the series knowing that there’s a chance that I will get impatient with them if they turn out too samey?

The reason that this is such an immediate issue is that I know all three of the remaining books are available cheaply from a secondhand shop I could go to after work so I could get them all now or wait and possibly end up paying more.

To complicate matters I started a new…

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