I’m an awful person

I have a cold at the moment and so I’m carrying a bottle of water around with me. Last might I filled that bottle of water and stuffed it into my bag in my rush to get home at a semi-reasonable hour.

Alright, what’s the problem? I hear you ask.

I didn’t put the lid on properly! And next to the bottle in my bag was my book of the moment (Far From The Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy in case you’re interested) which resulted in one sopping book which even now, at lunchtime the day after the event, is still not dry.


Still, it’s not as bad as that time I put some fish pie with a badly fitting lid in my bag…..


6 responses to “I’m an awful person

  1. Aw I hate it when that happens. Hope it drys out soon!

  2. The horror! Poor, poor book. I’m sure it will forgive you though!

  3. Just be thankful it wasn’t a Kindle! That’s one for real books!

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