Ways to start work

  1. Make tea
  2. Source some kind of snack (twice as long if trying to be healthy)
  3. Sit down
  4. Adjust chair and screen
  5. Choose working music
  6. Roll up sleeves
  7. Take watch off
  8. Open document
  9. Check Facebook/emails
  10. Switch back to document
  11. Roll up sleeves further
  12. Choose more appropriate working music
  13. Adjust sitting position
  14. Roll up sleeves again
  15. Make joke about rolling up sleeves in own head
  16. Laugh and hold head in hands despairing about how everything becomes a way to avoid work and how unfunny internal jokes are
  17. Think of a great idea for a blog post
  18. Publish blog post
  19. Realise arms are too cold because of sleeve position
  20. Spend too long thinking about how to warm arms
  21. Write two sentences
  22. Get stuck trying to think of the one word that perfectly finishes this sentence
  23. Update word count with the 24 words added since starting
  24. Check for comments on blog post
  25. Move figure from left to centre of page
  26. Check Facebook/emails
  27. Look at the time and realise it’s far too late to actually do any work so give up and go home.

Expected thesis completion date: 2063


4 responses to “Ways to start work

  1. I’m pretty sure you’ve been spying on me because this sounds a lot like my typical day!

  2. Ha! Ohh my gosh, so true. :S Good luck.

  3. Amazing and Thank you… @ ^_^
    kindness blossoms in your heart
    My love be your friend in all journey

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