Farewell 2013, it’s been interesting

2013 was a beast of a year in many ways but as happens with all years it has come to an end allowing me to say so long, farewell and yah-boo-sucks to the nightmare that was. But by far the best thing about 2013 was that I did lots and lots of reading, reaching my goal of 52 books with a couple of weeks to spare So I may be slightly late in doing this but here is my review of the year (we’re still less than 10 days into the new one so I think it’s ok).

  • In 2013 I read 52 books with a combined total of 18,897 pages (which is an average of 363.4 pages per book).
  • 57.7% of the books I read were by male authors making for a pretty even split huzzah.
  • And 68.3% of them were by authors I’d never read before which is also excellent.

new/male authors

  • I only read 4 non-fiction books which on the face of it is pretty poor but I spent a large part of my time reading dry scientific papers at work so I’m unashamed of my need for fiction in my free time.
  • What’s more disappointing is that I only read 14 off The List, something I need to improve on in 2014 otherwise I’ll never get through it all but I have hit the half-way mark (and have some reviews still to do so look out for those in the next month or so!).

list vs category

  • The majority of my books came from a used book store (mostly Skoob on the Brunswick Centre, check it out if you’re ever nearby) or from charity shops – Wimbledon is overflowing with excellent examples and they come with a feel good factor!
  • The average age of the books I read was 30.2 years – the oldest (Gulliver’s Travels) was 317 and I read three published in 2013 (The Universe Versus Alex Woods, Joyland and Mind The Child).

source vs age

  • I gave an average star rating of 3.75 which I suppose makes me pretty hard to please! To hand out some awards:
  • my least favourite book of the year was probably The Red House mostly because I was so disappointed having loved Mark Haddon’s previous work (Anyone expecting me to say Love in the Time of Cholera, you’d be right but I’ve enjoyed ranting about it too much since!)
  • The book that made me most emotional goes to The Universe Versus Alex Woods
  • The most amusing of 2013 is won by The Hundred-year-old Man who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared
  • The best from the list would be Far From the Madding Crowd (partly because it was so unexpected!)
  • The best series is awarded to the Peter Grant series because it’s funny, set in London and opened my eyes to a genre I previously avoided
  • And the overall winner of 2013 has to go to the triumphant work that is Was by Geoff Ryman for just being wonderful.

So, that’s 2013 done and dusted, what’s in store for 2014? Well I got a reasonable book haul for Christmas including two by Joanne Harris, my first (grown-up) Terry Pratchett and a novel written without the use of the letter ‘e’. So I’m looking forward to tucking into them plus, it’s my birthday this month so here’s hoping some more books will find their way onto my (currently woefully empty) TBR shelf.

I’m also taking on a new challenge which I saw Leah post about a few days ago where you’re asked to read a book from a specific genre every month. It’s hosted on Tumblr by Eternal Books and January’s genre is historical fiction. I’ve only read one HF book before and I surprised myself by really enjoying it so I’m looking forward to getting started with this!

So Happy 2014 everyone, let’s hope it’s a good’un!


10 responses to “Farewell 2013, it’s been interesting

  1. Would that book without the letter ‘e’ be Avoid by George Perec by any chance? I’ve read one of his before and was intrigued by this one but never got around to reading it!

  2. The book without the letter ‘E’ sounds interesting!

  3. What program do you use gor yhese wonderful diagrams and percents? I’m on GoodReads, but unless I’ve missed it I don’t think they summarize so nicely. BtW–you are obviously a book booster. Check out the page link on my banner. Lots of great folk who love books can be found on the list.

    • Excel! I was disappointed by the limited amount of statistics Goodreads can give you and then someone pointed me in the direction of this link: http://fyreflybooks.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/tss-track-your-reading/ which has a spreadsheet you can download to keep track of your reading and it makes charts for you. You might need to do some fiddling with it (it’s a couple of years old now) to get things set up right for you but it’s a brilliant template.

      I love the Book Boosters! I think you can definitely count me in!!

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