Day 2: Bout of Books

Monday came and there was one question on my mind: how am I supposed to find extra time to devote to reading? I know that Bout of Books is low pressure but I like to throw myself into a challenge with mo holds barred. The thing is I spend two hours a day commuting and during that time pretty much all I do is read (especially when I solve the codeword in the Evening Standard (other newspapers are available) in double quick time like I did last night) so where was the extra time going to come from? Anyhow when I got home I decided that the things to do would be to cook up a big old pot of curry that I could eat for the rest of the week without too much faff in an evening. And then while that was cooking and thanks to the lovely weather London was having on Monday I was able to sit out in my back garden and get to work onย Alias Grace al fresco. There’s no chairs or comfy grass in my garden so my evening’s reading looked a little something like this:

Alias Grace al fresco

Alias Grace al fresco

I read 130 pages ofย Grace last night and I was really enjoying getting the back story of our protagonist but then every so often up pops one of the seemingly pointless letters that throw me all off kilter. It’s a very confusing book but I feel pleased with myself for getting a good chunk of it out of the way. And on a school night too.


9 responses to “Day 2: Bout of Books

  1. I’m in such a reading slump at the moment. Nothing is grabbing me and I don’t like it.

    • I’m having exactly the same problem, it’s getting serious ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Thankfully I’m only a week into my slump so it’s not so bad. Have you read the latest Peter Grant book yet?

      • Ahh well fingers crossed it’s only a little one then! I haven’t yet because of it only being available as a massive hardback for a crazy amount (unless you know something I don’t?), have you? I’m not sure how I feel about it not being set in London…!

      • I got it from the library. I wasn’t sure either but it was really good. I enjoyed it more than the fourth one.

      • That’s good to hear because I was worried they might be taking a downward turn. I am excited to read it but I’m going to have to own it and it’s going to have to be paperback so that it fits with my collection ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I agree there! I don’t buy anything in hardback unless it’s really cheap in a charity shop.

  2. I LOVE YOUR READING SPOT. Seriously, it looks like my idea night in and the curry look delicious.Keep up the good reading work. ๐Ÿ™‚

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