Day 4: Bout of Books

This was much more like it. Having learned from Tuesday’s mistake that my housemates don’t understand serious book time I migrated upstairs to my bedroom and my favourite end-of-the-bed, leaning-against-the-bookcase position. I like to squeeze into a corner where I can feel all squirreled away and removed from the world.

Alias Grace squirreled away

Alias Grace squirreled away

Oh and that’s Barney my long time reading buddy.

And it worked. I made serious inroads with Grace and I’m really getting into the swing of it now, I feel like we’re getting to the mete of the matter and I’m actually quite keen to find out how Grace wound up where she is.

Not only that but it was a good day on the tube as well, I got the codeword over and done with pretty quickly meaning that I got a good amount of 100 Days to Victory read on both journeys bringing me to the close of 1917 with only 85 pages to go.

With any luck to go I’ll get both of these books finished this week!

100 Days to Victory: 40 pages

Alias Grace: 92 pages


One response to “Day 4: Bout of Books

  1. Cubby reading with a teddy–liking it…

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